Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Wimbledon Whites!

We can’t get enough of centre court action at the moment! If you’ve caught tennis fever and can’t wait to get out onto the courts to practice your backhand but your tennis whites are looking a little worse for wear, don’t worry our handy tips will have you back volleying like Murray in no time.

Keeping you whites whiter than white can be an ongoing battle, but luckily the fast action cleaning power of Soda Crystals Laundry Boost can help. Just adding a scoop to your normal detergent will help remove stains, brighten whites and boost the power of your detergent – allowing you to wash at lower temperatures.

If you’ve been working hard to perfect your game, you’ll have worked up quite a sweat! Neutralise unpleasant smells by spraying your clothes with White Vinegar 10 – 15 minutes before washing as normal paying particular attention to the most affected areas (such as underarms). White Vinegar is a natural deodoriser and your clothes will smell fresh and clean for serves to come!

The aluminium salts in antiperspirants react with perspiration causing nasty yellow stains that are notoriously difficult to remove. As the residue binds to the fabric fibres, a stain that is resistant to normal washing routines gradually builds. The acidic properties of White Vinegar and Citric Acid work best at removing the residue because these salts become soluble at a lower pH.

If a stain has already developed on the underarm area, soak in a Citric Acid solution of one tablespoon to 250ml warm water and leave overnight before washing according to the garment instructions. For coloured items, test on an inconspicuous area first.

To prevent stains from building up right from the beginning, squirt the underarm areas with White Vinegar prior to washing. The acetic acid will break down the salts and allow them to be washed away by detergent, as well as deodorising any nasty niffs. Adding a cup of White Vinegar in place of your regular fabric softener will also help reduce any build up as well as leaving your clothes soft!

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