Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Is your BBQ dirtier than your toilet?!

A recent study has found that the average British barbecue contains twice as many germs as a toilet seat! Filled with a staggering 1.7 million microbes per sq cm, which works out to 124% more than a toilet seat, the study also found that just 36% of people clean their outdoor grills more than twice a year!!! Read all about it on the Daily Mail site here!

When it comes to the most effective deep-cleaners, the oldies are definitely the goodies. A hot, strong dose of Soda Crystals solution will get your outdoor grill at its working best and food tasting as good as it looks. Just remember to clean it every time you use it. Here's how:

Once the barbecue has cooled enough to be handled safely, disconnect from the gas (if relevant) and remove the grills, fat tray and other components to be washed. Place the parts in a large container before sprinkling liberally with Soda Crystals and pouring on hot water. Spray the rest of the barbecue with a strong Soda Crystals solution and put your feet up! After 2 hours simply scrub the grill and barbecue with a scourer and rinse with clean water.

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