Friday, 8 March 2013

Make Mum Smile!

There's no denying it, Mum's are just plain awesome! They're always there with helpful advice, whether it be about love, parenting, or how to unblock that sink - in fact most of the top cleaning tips on came from Mum's passing down the tips their Mum taught them! 
If you're stuck for a present this Mother's Day we've got some thoughtful ideas to make your Mum smile this Sunday!

Is your Mum a budding author? These wonderful journals from From You to Me are filled with 60 questions like 'What was the first piece of music you bought?' or 'Tell me about the things that have made you happy or laugh' for your Mum to answer in her own words. Technically a gift for you too, but also really great way to bond with your Mum and a precious journal to pass down the generations. Available from large bookstores.

If you want your Mum to put her feet up this Sunday, Breakthrough BreastCancer website have some lovely ideas to show your Mum you care. You can even design your own personalised Mother's Day Vouchers for treats like 'Dinner at Mine', 'a weeks washing up', or 'film night'. A really great idea and for a fantastic cause.

Why not make your Mum a hand-made gift? We've got lots a great ideas for making pampering gifts like Bath Bombs, or Oatmeal Soap using inexpensive products like Bicarbonate of Soda and Soap Flakes!

Children can also make creative gifts for Mum or Gran using our simple and safe Bicarbonate of Soda Clay recipe, or have fun making our Soap Air Fresheners!

Happy Mother's Day!

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