Thursday, 28 February 2013

Soda Crystals - The Facts!

Soda Crystals are one of the most versatile cleaning and laundry products on the market. They're safe and economical, and have been used for hundreds of years, but some people are still confused about what they are and how they can be used. That's why we've put together a few facts about our beloved Soda Crystals...


Soda Crystals also go by the names ‘Washing Soda’ and ‘Soda Ash’, or if you’d like to be a bit more scientific, ‘Hydrated Sodium Carbonate’. Unfortunately they are sometimes confused with much stronger, corrosive Caustic Soda, which can be dangerous if used incorrectly.


Soluble crystals used for a number of household and industrial uses, due to their alkaline properties.


Soda Crystals are a simple, one ingredient product, with no other additives which makes them less likely to cause an allergic reaction such as perfumes or enzymes. They are made sustainably in the UK, are biodegradable, contain no petrochemicals and are not tested on animals.


Soda Crystals are made and distributed by Dri-Pak, an independent family-run company based in Ilkeston, Derbyshire. They are available in all major supermarkets as well as many hardware stores and independent shops. 


Soda Crystals have been around for donkey’s years... we’re talking centuries old, ask your Gran! Our History of Soda Crystals page has lots more information about them.


Soda Crystals have literally hundreds of uses including softening water, dissolving grease, removing laundry stains and generally being an all round household superstar (or at least we like to think so!). 

Here's just a few of our favourite uses for Soda Crystals...

Unblocking Drains
Water Softening 

Cleaning Washing Machines
Removing Moss

... but there are dozens more! What's your favourite use for Soda Crystals? Let us know via out Facebook page or Twitter

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