Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Microfibre cloths - we salute you!!

As you know, at Dri-Pak we love traditional products and old-fashioned cleaning tips because they work just as well (if not better!) than modern chemical cleaners. However there is one present-day product we simply don't know how Granny ever managed without - the microfibre cloth! 

These guys make light-work of almost any cleaning job due to the tiny microscopic fibres that trap dirt, dust and grime. Not only are they brilliant at cleaning, they are also eco-friendly because you can just shove them in the wash and they're good to go again and again and again! 

Microfibre Cloth White Vinegar Soda Crystals
But some people have found that their effectiveness reduces the more times they are washed - a real shame as good quality microfibre cloths aren't cheap. The main reason behind a cloth loosing its effectiveness is because the tiny fibres become coated in the residue that fabric conditioners leave behind and their absorbency becomes reduced. 

If you’ve already washed your microfibre cloths with fabric conditioner, all is not lost. Just soak them in a washing bowl of 300g Soda Crystals and warm water for 30 minutes, then wash as normal replacing the fabric conditioner with White Vinegar. This will get rid of any conditioner residue and soften the fibres, making them the perfect cleaning cloth once again!

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