Monday, 2 November 2009

Don't let the rain ruin your ride!

Whether you're a professional cyclist or just a keen amateur, it always pays to be ready for every weather condition, as an unexpected downpour is enough to ruin anyone's ride! Over time, cycling jerseys become dirty and worn and start to lose their water repellance, but there is an easy way to clean and protect your cycling gear using Soap Flakes and Garment Guard!

Washing your gear in Soap Flakes is gentle yet effective, so will not damage specialist fabrics or remove waterproofed layers. Simply hand wash cycling gear and outerwear in a regular solution of Soap Flakes, rinse and allow to dry.

To protect fabrics from water, simply spray liberally with Garment Guard and heat to activate the formula. Garment Guard does not leave a residue or tarnish, and causes water to simply bead off treated fabrics.

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