Saturday, 21 July 2012

Finally some BBQ weather!

Everyone loves a BBQ! When the sun is shining and your friends around there’s nothing better than alfresco dining, even if the Great British weather system likes to play tricks on us. But after the fun and food, the last thing you want to do is tackle the greasy gril!

Keeping your BBQ clean is important to preserve the flavours of food, as well as keeping you safe from any germs but scrubbing fiddly grills and greasy work surfaces is never a fun job. Well we’ve put together a few tips to make the chore a little easier without having to resort to using strong chemical cleaners.


Before you start

Burnt on food is one of the hardest things to remove, but coating the grill with oil prior to cooking will help prevent food sticking and becoming burnt in the first place. Before starting the barbecue, use a brush or cloth dipped in cooking oil to smooth over the top and bottom of the grill.

Loosen the gunk

Once the barbecue has been used and is cool enough to handle, use a wire brush, or scrunch up some left over tin foil and rub up and down the grill, paying extra attention to the joins of the bars. This will remove larger pieces of food and loosen grease and gunk.


Soak the grill and utensils* in a strong hot Soda Crystals solution in a large container. Spray the rest of the barbecue with Liquid Soda Crystals or mix up a strong Soda Crystals solution and leave overnight to dissolve the grease and soften remaining food. In the morning simply wipe with a scourer and rinse with clean water, ready for the next garden party!

So what are you waiting for – grab your apron and tongs (and possibly a large umbrella) and get cooking!

* avoid soaking wooden handles

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