Monday, 6 February 2012

Pongy washing machine?

Do you ever open the door to your washing machine expecting the smell of freshly washed clothes but are instead met by a fusty, damp odour? Many of us have found that washing on low temperatures, and using gentler washing detergents has allowed bacteria to build up and create a fusty smell. So is the answer to switch back to higher temperature washes? Not with out handy tips!

To eliminate smells, scum, detergent and grime from your machine simply add half a bag of Soda Crystals, split between the detergent drawer and the drum and run the machine empty on a 60 degree cycle, or higher if there is a significant smell. This will raise the PH of the water and help to wash away the smell-causing bacteria.

If you are in a hard water area, it is recommended to repeat this process using either 500ml of White Vinegar or a packet of Citric Acid to which will remove limescale build up and complete the cleaning process.

Not only will Soda Crystals, White Vinegar and Citric Acid eradicate bad smells in your washing machine, they will lower the power consumption of the machine by descaling the element.

Citric Acid is available from John Lewis, Soda Crystals and White Vinegar are available from supermarkets nationwide.  

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