Thursday, 28 January 2010

Securing an acid spill

Every company knows that when dealing with substances hazardous to health, it is essential to have control measures in place to deal with every eventuality. This is no more essential than in the case of companies’ dealing with battery acid, and as such, many companies have traditionally held a stock pile of Soda Ash in case of a spill. However, Soda Crystals, also know as Washing Soda, are fast becoming a favoured choice of neutralizing acid for companies dealing with small amounts of acid, as they are readily available, cost effective and safe to store.

"Soda Crystals have an alkaline PH, and as such are ideal for neutralizing acid. Smaller companies are reaping the benefits of replacing Soda Ash with Soda Crystals. As well as being readily available from hardware stores and wholesalers, they are extremely cost effective and easy to use," says Bruce Maxwell, Managing Director of Dri-Pak. "Unlike Soda Ash, Soda Crystals are soluble in cold water, meaning they are easy to clear away after a spill without leaving a residue."

In the case of a spill involving battery acid, generously cover the infected area with Soda Crystals and allow to absorb. Once the acid has been neutralized, safely dispose of the waste and rinse the area with cold water.

For larger spills, it is recommended by the Health and Safety Executive that acid be contained using a non-combustible, absorbent material such as sand or earth to prevent the hazardous acid spreading to other areas before treating.

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