Thursday, 27 August 2009

The 'Greenest' brand in the UK???

We were a bit shocked to find a news story in today's Nottingham Evening Post claiming that there had been a survey to find the UK's greenest consumer product....and that Persil laundry products came out on top!!!!!

After spitting out our coffee, we read the small print to find out that this was only looking at the top 100 products by sales.

Of course, Dri-Pak can't claim that they're in the top 100 brands....but I think it's fair to say that soda crystals, soap flakes, liquid soap and our laundry oxygen bleach are a fair bit kinder on the environment than Persil.

If you want to read Envirup's press release, you can view it here . I'm afraid that if you actually want to read the report, you'll have to pay for it (they are a private organisation after all). Personally, I'd advise using the net to do a bit of your own research to make your own mind up about what products are truly better for the environment.


BeautySchoolDropOut said...

Yeah, i thought it was an absolute joke when i read that persil was the greenest product in UK. As if!! You've got to wonder who the "research" was funded by?

Aunt Sally said...

This is exactly what I thought too. When the press comes out with these gems my first thought is always... and who funded this research? The word research is always used a bit loosely these days too.